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Plush Pile Carpets

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The Plush Pile carpet finish is achieved when the loops are first cut and the tips of the loops sheared. Plush Pile carpets have a luxurious feel underfoot and their high density pile will ensure many years of comfort.

Plush Pile carpets have a tendency to display temporary shading from footprints and vacuuming, which is regarded as a characteristic of the style and has no effect on the carpet’s performance.

Key Features

  • A lovely exclusive soft velvet and even upright finish with a formal look.
  • The pile is short and slightly twisted.
  • Can display tracking from footprints and vacuuming.
  • Sometimes called velvet or velour carpeting.
Impressionist Ash
Impressionist Cordovan
Impressionist Dusk
Impressionist Flint
Impressionist Iron Ore
Impressionist Oyster
Impressionist Pewter
Impressionist Rye
Impressionist Stucco
Impressionist Wisteria
Portsea Charred
Portsea Chilli
Portsea Cuban Coffee
Portsea Deep Fuchsia
Portsea Deep Green
Portsea Grey Shadow
Portsea Mountain Blue
Portsea Pale Stone
Portsea Pebble Road
Portsea River Rock
Portsea Snowy Owl
Portsea Soft Suede
Portsea Tidal Wave
Portsea Tropical Tan
Portsea Yellowstone
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